More discount explain

Order more than or equal 6 items will get wholesale price, free shipping and discount.
Order 6 items: will get the prices marked on the website.
Order 7-9 items: will get 2% off.
Order 10-14 items: will get 3% off.
Order 15-21 items: will get 5% off.
Order 22-37 items: will get 8% off.
Order 38-55 items: will get 10% off.
Order 56-74 items: will get 12% off.
Order 75-95 items: will get 15% off.
Order 96-119 items: will get 18% off.
Order over 120 items: will get 20% off.
We also can negotiate the price when you order in bulk!

Retail Price:
We also accept sample order less than 6 items, you just need to pay for extra shipping cost. 

Order 6 item: is free shipping